Nodal agency: Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

Policy brief

MNRE has issued guidelines for subsidy disbursement of INR 130 billion for 0.45 million tonnes (MT) per annum green hydrogen production capacity under Strategic Interventions for Green Hydrogen Transition (SIGHT) programme.

Key highlights

Nodal agency


Incentive period

First three years of production

Selection criteria

Competitive bidding based on average subsidy requirement (INR/ kg) over three years

Maximum subsidy

  1. Year 1: INR 50/ kg
  2. Year 2: INR 40/ kg
  3. Year 3: INR 30/ kg

Technology breakup

  1. Biomass projects: 40,000 MT
  2. Other projects: 410,000 MT


Minimum net worth:

  1. Biomass projects: INR 15,000/ MT
  2. Other projects: INR 150,000/ MT

Bid size

Biomass projects: 500-4,000 MT

Other projects: 10,000-90,000 MT





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