Nodal agency: Ministry of Power

Policy brief

The Ministry of Power has set performance standards for power supply by DISCOMs, rights of consumers regarding power supply, setting up renewable power systems and billing.

Key highlights

RE generation by consumers Consumers may set up renewable power systems anywhere within their premises, including rooftops. 
State regulators shall decide all relevant provisions for net metering, gross metering and net billing for rooftop solar systems. In case there is lack of clear guidance by the state regulator, net metering may be allowed by the respective state regulator for system sizes capped at the lower of consumer’s connected load or 500 kW.
DISCOMs should complete feasibility study for installation of rooftop solar power system within 20 days of submission of application by the consumer. 
DISCOMs should adhere to timeline specified by SERCs from approval of application to commissioning of renewable power systems. DISCOMs will pay INR 500/ day as compensation to consumers in case of any delay. 
State regulators may introduce ‘time of day’ (TOD) tariffs for consumers with net billing-based systems.
Installation of smart meter is mandatory for all new connections.