Nodal agency: Ministry of Power

Policy brief

Ministry of Power has notified rules for procurement of renewable power from DISCOMs and through open access.

Key highlights

Applicability Consumers with sanctioned load of over 100 kW
Procurement sources Consumers may set up captive projects with no size limit, they may procure power at green tariffs from DISCOMs or procure green hydrogen.
Open access approval All applications must be approved within 15 days.
Consumers would submit applications to POSOCO (NLDC) which would transfer it to respective state nodal agency. 
Power procurement must remain constant for a minimum number of time blocks to be notified by state regulators. 
Renewable power open access applications would be given preference over non-renewable open access applications.
Banking Allowed until end of month; banking charges to be determined by state regulators.
Banked energy would be at least 30% of monthly power consumed from DISCOMs.
Other charges CSS may be increased only up to 50% over 12 years after commissioning of project.
100% AS exemption if demand charges are paid for 100% of contacted load
Standby charges would be exempted if consumers notify requirement of standby arrangement with 24 hours prior notice.Standby charge would be limited to 10% of retail tariff. 
States would determine open access charges using a common methodology.