Tender brief

MSEDCL has issued a tender to develop 250 MW solar, wind or hydro power capacity anywhere in India, with a greenshoe option of additional 250 MW capacity.

Tender details

Total capacity 250 MW
Open capacity 250 MW
DCR capacity -
Storage capacity -
Tender scope BOO
Solar park NA
Tendering authority DISCOM(s)
Offtaker/ Power consumer Maharashtra DISCOM(s)
PPA tenure 25 years
Benchmark tariff/ VGF/ CAPEX NA
Allocation basis Tariff bid
Technology PV-wind-storage hybrid
Bid size 50 - 250 MW
Minimum CUF 19%
Required bank guarantees

EMD: INR 0.885 million/ MW

PBG: INR 3.54 million/ MW

Technical criteria NA
Financial criteria

Minimum net worth: INR 15 million/ MW
Minimum annual turnover: INR 10.2 million/ MW
Minimum line of credit: INR 2.5 million/ MW
Minimum PBDIT: INR 2 million/ MW 

Commissioning timeline 30 months
  1. Power supplied during solar generation hours (10 AM-6 PM) will be compensated at a fixed tariff of INR 2.42/ kWh and developers would be required to bid for non-solar generation hour tariff (6 PM-10 AM).
  2. Minimum 125 MW of power needs to be supplied during six blocks of 1 hour, during non-solar generation hours, as specified by MSEDCL.
  3. Any shortfall in annual CUF during solar generation hours will be penalised at 25% of PPA tariff. Monthly shortfall of up to 15% during non-solar generation hours is permissible.
  4. Penalty for generation shortfall:
    Monthly non-solar generation hour power availability Penalty
    85% and above Nil
    80 - 85% Non-solar generation hour tariff
    70 - 80% 2x non-solar generation hour tariff
    70% and below 3x non-solar generation hour tariff
  5. Each project shall comprise two components – renewable energy generating component (solar or wind or hydro or a combination) and an energy storage component (technology agnostic).
  6. Developers are required to procure ALMM compliant modules or RLMM compliant turbines as applicable on the bid submission date.
  7. Different project components may be located on different sites.

Tender status

Results announced

Tender timeline

Tender release 10 August 2022
Bid submission 01 November 2022
Bid result 12 December 2022
Estimated PPA signing June 2023
Estimated COD December 2025