Tender brief

Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) has issued a tender to develop renewable power projects with a total capacity of 500 MW with energy storage anywhere in India.

Tender details

Total capacity 500 MW
Open capacity 500 MW
DCR capacity -
Storage capacity -
Tender scope BOO
Solar park NA
Tendering authority SECI
Offtaker/ Power consumer SECI
PPA tenure 25 years
Benchmark tariff/ VGF/ CAPEX NA
Allocation basis Tariff bid
Technology PV-wind-storage hybrid
Bid size 50 - 250 MW
Minimum CUF -
Required bank guarantees

EMD: INR 1.16 million/ MW for quoted solar capacity, INR 1.39 million/ MW for quoted wind capacity and INR 0.48 million/ MWh for ESS capacity

PBG: INR 2.90 million/ MW for quoted solar capacity, INR 3.47 million/ MW for quoted wind capacity and INR 1.20 million/ MWh for ESS capacity

Technical criteria

Experience in deploying commercially viable and operational technologies

Financial criteria

Minimum net worth: INR 11.58 million/ MW for quoted solar capacity, INR 13.86 million/ MW for quoted wind capacity and INR 4.80 million/ MWh for ESS capacity

Commissioning timeline 24 months
  1. Successful bidders must stay within L1 tariff plus 5%.
  2. Project developers are required to meet specified demand profile for every 15 minutes time block.
  3. 100% power output up to specified demand profile shall be offtaken by Punjab DISCOMs.
  4. The developers must meet at least 90% of total demand on a monthly basis. Penalty for shortfall is stipulated at 1.5x PPA tariff.
  5. Bidders may source up to 5% of specified annual demand from external sources without any penalty.
  6. The tender is technology agnostic. Bidders may change project configuration up to 12 months before SCOD. But they have flexibility in changing storage technology at all times. 
  7. Different project components need not be co-located but must be ISTS connected.
  8. Excess power can be sold to any third party but SECI will have the first right to buy surplus output up to contracted capacity at 50% of PPA tariff.

Tender status

RFS issued

Tender timeline

Tender release 30 June 2023
Bid submission 06 November 2023

Tender documents