Tender brief

SECI issued a tender to develop 1,070 MW solar power capacity in Rajasthan.

Tender details

Total capacity 1,070 MW
Open capacity 1,070 MW
DCR capacity -
Storage capacity -
Tender scope BOO
Solar park NA
Tendering authority SECI
Offtaker/ Power consumer SECI
PPA tenure 25 years
Benchmark tariff/ VGF/ CAPEX NA
Allocation basis Tariff bid
Technology PV
Bid size 10 - 1,070 MW
Minimum CUF 17%
Required bank guarantees

EMD: INR 0.4 million/ MW
PBG: INR 0.8 million/ MW

Technical criteria

Experience in commercially established and operational technologies

Financial criteria

Minimum net worth of INR 8 million/ MW
Minimum annual turnover of INR 4.14 million/ MW or PBDIT of INR 0.83 million/ MW or Line of Credit for INR 1.04 million/ MW

Commissioning timeline 18 months
  1. Bidders can submit Payment On Instrument (POI) in lieu of PBG.
  2. SECI will supply power to Rajasthan DISCOM(s).
  3. The projects will be connected to state transmission utility.

Tender status

Results announced

Tender timeline

Tender release 16 July 2020
Bid submission 28 October 2020
Bid result 23 November 2020
Estimated PPA signing May 2021
Estimated COD November 2022